Adopting a dog (part12) Your Dog is a Long-Term Investment and commitment!

Adopting a dog (part12) Your Dog is a Long-Term Investment and commitment!

Adopting a dog “The secret to a successful Adoption” Part 12

Your Dog is a Long-Term Investment!

When you researched the breed of dog you have chosen, you may have been surprised to find it to have a long life-expectancy. This is one reason why adopting a dog must never be done on a whim, or without careful planning. Your dog is a long-term investment– with proper care, he will be a part of your life long into the future. The more you plan for this, the better the experience will be for your new dog and for yourself.

The word “investment” may bring to mind financial concerns. While this is far from being the only factor, it is certainly one to think about. Knowing that you are ready for a long-term financial investment is a basic part of adopting a dog. You must consider his day-to-day upkeep, his routine health care, and whether you are prepared for any illnesses or injuries which may occur unexpectedly.


Although dog food and routine veterinarian visits can add up, preparing for the unexpected by purchasing health insurance for your dog is a good investment. You will not need to worry about a sudden illness or accident causing veterinarian bills that you cannot afford, or risk neglecting his health because health care is too expensive.

The long-term investment of a new dog also involves your time. Too many people adopt dogs, only to be disappointed when they realize that they do not have enough time for their new pets. The busiest schedules can accommodate a dog, if you plan for his needs in advance.

One example is the dog who requires a significant amount of time and attention. This may be a puppy, and elderly dog, or a breed which is naturally more demanding than others. You need to know in advance that you can devote enough time to your pet before you bring him home. You also need to decide that giving your time and your attention to the dog will be a positive experience and a pleasure. No one should feel burdened by their pets, as this makes dog ownership negative and stressful for both the owner and the dog.


If your busy schedule includes long work hours or travel, it is necessary to consider how to deal with this before you adopt. The dog who does not receive enough of his owner’s time and attention is not getting what he deserves. He can become difficult, and his health may suffer. The busy person who wants to adopt must consider the amount of time he can regularly offer to his new pet, and decide if he needs to ask another family member or friend for assistance with the dog when he cannot be present himself. A dog can feel neglected even if all of his material needs are provided for, when he does not receive enough time and attention.

Adopting a new dog is also an investment of yourself. When it comes to investing your love, friendship, and companionship, what you can give will show in its results. The best way to ensure a successful adoption is for you and your entire family to be delighted with the prospect of adding a new member to your household, and being consistent with these feelings for as long as your dog lives with you.


The dog that is loved and cherished is the dog that is happiest and content. When you demonstrate joy and good spirits interacting with your pet, it will never go unnoticed. The friendship you extend to him every day will be well-received, and given to you in return. Regardless of a dog’s age or breed, the dog who is loved by his owner is one hundred percent aware of it.

The bottom line in making the long-term investment of adopting a dog is you need to think beyond today. If you have any doubts about your ability to provide for and take care of him for many years to come, now is the time to reassess your decision to adopt. Equally important, if you have any doubts about whether your desire to have a dog may change in the coming years, please do not be too hasty to adopt one. Not only is giving up a dog who has lived with his owner awhile a heartbreaking experience for the owner, it is heartbreaking to the dog as well. It does not take long for a new pet to come to love his owner– so be sure you will not change your mind.

After you have taken the factors of this long-term investment into consideration, you have a basic idea of what owning a dog will involve. When you have made the decision to invest years of your life and yourself in a new pet, you are ready to embark on the amazing experience of owning a dog. It will not be long before you begin to receive all of the rewards of sharing your life with a canine friend.


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Melissa Ground.


Credit photo: Denniz Futalan