Adopting a dog (part5) Networking with Others.

Adopting a dog (part5) Networking with Others.

Adopting a dog “The secret to a successful Adoption” Part 5

Networking with Others

You may not have thought of networking as being an important part of adopting a dog. There are a number of reasons why networking can make the adoption more successful. It can help you in choosing the right dog, and enhance the experience of being a dog owner.


Before you actually adopt a dog, you can learn a lot about the breed by networking with people who already own one. While there are many good ways to learn about dogs, nothing beats the first-hand experience of a dog owner. You can network with owners, either in person or online, and get very positive results. Most dog owners will love to share information with you, as well as personal stories about life with their pet. You can gain a wealth of valuable information and input from dog owners, and you may even make some new friends.



Networking is also good after you have adopted your new dog and taken him home. In many instances, the best place to get advice and the answers to questions is from people who have owned a dog for a long time. They can be the ideal source of information, as well as friendships based on your common interest.

No matter what kind of dog you are considering, it is likely that you can find online forums and clubs devoted to your particular breed of dog and their owners. In some regions, you may even be able to find clubs in person not far from where you live.


In addition to these informal ways of networking, you may also be interested in the American Kennel Club or a similar organization. The American Kennel Club is the perfect source for everything you need to know about your breed of dog. They also provide listings of clubs for specific breeds, listings of breeders, and much, much more. Regardless of the breed you have chosen, the American Kennel Club is your best source of both information and opportunities for networking.

Whether you have already adopted a dog, or are still considering all of the possibilities, the firsthand information you receive by networking with other dog owners will be beyond compare. It should definitely be in your plans when you are adopting a new

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