Charging cost of an electric car in What’s on In East London.

Charging cost of an electric car On What's On In East London.

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Charging cost of an electric car in What's on in East London.


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Charging a vehicle on economy tariff during off peak time is one of the best saving you can have charging your electric car at home. One kilowatt will cost as low as £0.07 for say 2o Kilowatt charge it will cost £1.40 for about 100 miles.
If you combine your energy supply with solar in theory you can pay nothing to charge your car at home, which today doesn’t need a special installation; the car can be plugged to your 3 pins socket using an adaptor or a 3 pins cable. Solar energy will cost nothing (apart from the installation cost) it can bring some income if you sell it to the grid or install a battery to hold the excess energy produced with your panels to be able to produce your energy and be less on the grid supply.

 Charging cost of an electric car

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If don’t have the possibility to charge your car at home for instance you have no driveway, or no garage, charging your car in the supermarket while you are doing your shopping could be free, but it is not always free. Charging your car in a public charging point would cost you £0.20 to £0.30 or even £0.40 per Kilowatt.

Fast chargers can top up your car in a fraction of time comparing to your charge at home, but they are more expensive. Fast chargers are not suitable for all electric cars, Type 2 connectors are not even provided in Fast chargers for instance in Motorways in Uk.  In 2019 they were still available to Type 2 connectors, now Motorways around London does not provide Type 2 connection charger points.
Charging cost of an electric car

The price of energy will increase in April 2022 this is for sure, the Ukrainian war has already put the price of Crude oil at around $100 the baril, the oil supply and gas supply is expected to be disturbed.

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