Coronavirus in London: Ministers consider social lockdown

London could go into a ‘total social lockdown’ as part of an emergency plan to combat a second wave of coronavirus.

The Government is planning to enforce the lockdown if cases continue to rise, according to The Times.

Under the new measures being considered, pubs, restaurants and bars would be ordered to close for two weeks initially.

Households would also be banned from meeting each other in any indoor space.

However, schools, shops, factories and offices would stay open, The Times reported.

This Is Local London:

According to The Times, the emergency measures was put to the cabinet’s Covid-19 strategy committee on September 24.

But fearing a backlash the measures were held back.

A Government Source told The Times that Boris Johnson rejected the plans as the ‘nation wasn’t ready’.

The source added: ‘The nation and the party wasn’t ready for us to go any further last week.

‘There wasn’t a wide enough understanding of how substantial the second wave could be.

‘Tougher measures on social interaction will have to come though. They’re inevitable in some parts if you look at the numbers.’

The emergency plan could be enforced in coronavirus hotspots including London, north-east England and Merseyside as early as this week.

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