Electric Cars

Types of Electric Vehicles do we have to choose from?

1- Battery Electric Vehicles (100% powered by rechargeable batteries)

2- Hybrid Electric Vehicles (combine features of both EVs and Explosion engine, they have one electric and one Petrol engine)

3- Parallel Hybrid (there is one engine which takes power from Electric and Petrol)

4- Series or rang-extended Electric Vehicles (it’s an electric engine car with spare tank, petrol generates electricity when needed to extend the car range)

5- Plug-in Electric Vehicles (is an hybrid car with larger batterie that can be plugged like a 100% Electric car)

6 – Hybrids with lightweight motors (it’s a petrol engine car with the possibility to use the electric motor to assist the petrol engine)

7 – Other Hybrids (for instance the petrol engine to propel front wheels and electric engine to drive the rear wheels)

8 – Fuel-Cell Electric Vehicles (uses Hydrogen as main source of power).