Energy prices in East London with What’s On In East London

Energy prices in East London with What's On In East London

Energy prices in East London with What's On In East London

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The Government announced on 3rd of February measures to help protect households from the  increases of cost of living for instance higher bills coming in April 2022 and food prices.


New measures were announced to protect households from the impending increase in the cost of living due in April 2022.

One of the measures announced was a  rebate of £150 in council tax for properties in Bands A-D. Also another measure is to aim at properties with council Tax bands E-H.

In East London households discovered that their energy bills would dramatically increase from April 2022, OFGEM (Office Of Gaz & Electricity Markets) announced a new price cap of £2,000 a year an increase of £723. The average increase would be on average £693. In East London the average gas and electricity bill in summer 2021 was in average £919. It would increase by £619 in summer 2022, which is £1,546.

What are the other measures :

In October 2022 all domestic electricity customers will receive £200 discount. But they must be repaid. In £40 instalments over the next five years the discount will be automatically taken via the energy bill. The repayment will begin in 2023 when the energy prices are expected to decrease.

Sutton local authority will help those on low incomes and vulnerable residents.

Warm Discount Discount is extended. This discount is paid to those who receive th “guarantee Credit”element of pension credit and those on low income who receive mean tested benefits.

But each supplier has its own criteria.

Links to help protect the cost of living:

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