Global Warning – Nehir Yildiz – Highams Park School

For years, we know that climate change occurs because of the greenhouse gasses; however we release more CO2 to the environment instead of reducing it.

What are the factors that affect CO2 emission?
•    Population growth
•    Economic growth
•    Increase in energy usage
•    Emissions per unit of energy produced

Are we the responsible ones?
It is known that only 100 fossil fuel companies are responsible for approximately 70% of the world’s historical greenhouse gas emissions.

What can we do then if we are not the biggest responsible ones?
We are creating a society that consumes more every year because of the increased population and economic growth.
With the increase in demand, we produce more, and as production increases, more greenhouse gas emissions occur.
By making more conscious consumption, we can reduce our personal impact and uncontrolled production.

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