New Initiative Launches in Brick Lane London to help Restaurants’ Recovery

A new initiative is launching in Brick Lane on Monday 8th November to attract more
business to restaurants providing diners with free 30% discounts whilst
simultaneously helping to fight world poverty.
It aims to help the hospitality sector recover by attracting customers in quieter
periods from Monday to Wednesday. Registration is free – diners receive a QR code
to be used in participating restaurants. For each code booked and then redeemed,
two meals are donated to help combat global hunger.

The aim of the initiative is threefold:

1. Aid the hospitality industry to recover from the pandemic, helping to safeguard
jobs whilst stimulating the local economy .
2. Diners benefit from a 30% discount whilst supporting their favourite restaurants
and dining venues and assist the return to community normalcy.
3. Help to combat the global rise in food insecurity by supporting the World Health
Organisation’s Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG) of Zero Hunger when dining

The Participating Restaurants Are:

Brick Lane Brasserie – TripAdvisors Travellers’ Choice 2021 award-winning dishes
incorporating India’s finest ingredients.
City Spice – Michelin-inspired menu with a distinctive Bengali twist, and a vegan
curry menu second to none
Eastern Eye Balti House – An elegant restaurant, serving dishes from across the
subcontinent, especially the north-east frontier province.
Enso – The ideal Asian restaurant to enjoy Thai and Japanese flavours in the heart
of Brick Lane
Kyice’s Kitchen – Bringing Caribbean soul food to Brick Lane, fully Halal food menu
including vegan options.
Sheba – Industry award-winning restaurant, famous for its traditional Indo-Bengali
and modern cooking styles since 1974

What prompted the initiative ?

“The hospitality and restaurant sector has been hardest hit by the pandemic,” said
Vincent Kennedy of Good Diner. “Food insecurity and hunger, already rising before
2020, has been accelerated in these challenging times. The world is not on track to
achieve the World Food Program’s target of Zero Hunger by 2030. Good Diner has
been created to address these issues whilst assisting the return to community