Persian delivery business launches in south west London

Ever fancied Persian food? A new delivery service has launched in south-west London. 

After its big opening on April 29, Noushe Joon is bringing authentic, family-inspired recipes to customers in Battersea and Clapham. 

Launched by Rea Shahroudi and Mo Ali Shirazi the business hopes to adapt classic flavours to a modern palette. 

The recipes on the menu have been developed by head chef, Ashkan Ashtari, who has worked in a number of high-profile London restaurants, including The Ladbroke Arms in Notting Hill, Rök in Spitalfields, and The Havelock Tavern in Brook Green. 
Delivered in biodegradable packaging, the dishes will use seasonal ingredients sourced from local, sustainable producers. 
Committed to Persian culture, Noushe Joon will share the story behind each dish on the menu.
It will also profile the flavours, ingredients, health benefits, and customs surrounding Persian cuisine.

This Is Local London: Noushe Joon Tahchin Noushe Joon Tahchin
Dishes on the Noushe Joon menu include ‘tahchin’, which is saffron and yoghurt layered rice with corn-fed chicken thighs, under a crisp crust, topped with pistachios and barberries.

Customers can also try the loobia polo, a hearty rice dish layered with succulent cuts of lamb, green beans, and a rich aromatic tomato sauce.
The business will initially serve guests across Chelsea, Battersea, Pimlico and Clapham, with a view to extending its geographical coverage across London. 
Shahroudi said: “Persian food is becoming increasingly popular and awareness of the cuisine is growing by the day.
“However, when ordering food at home, people are less inclined to look for Persian options. We’d like to change that and make it more widely available.”
Shirazi added: “We know that the pandemic has changed eating habits and more people are now choosing to explore different cuisines and food formats, so we feel that the time is right to bring a new offer to the market.”

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