Rock Climbing in East London

London has a number of climbing facilities for parents and children that offer clubs, one-to-one tuition, group tuition and some also cater for children parties. Most of these facilities have indoor climbing walls. These are artificially created walls with fixings/holds that you grip with your hands and feet and have become increasingly popular in recent years as an urban sport that allows you to experience some of the joys of rock climbing.


There are a number of different types of climbing walls like Bouldering Walls - low walls that don't need ropes and have a large crash mat on the floor, Roped Climbing Walls - vertical climbing walls with fixings that are for more experienced climbers using ropes. These vary in height but are normally over 8 metres and Traversing Walls - These are low walls that allow you to climb along rather than up, these are ideal for children.


Climbing is great for a child confidence and fun for children of all ages, though most of the clubs listed below have a minimum age of 4. All child sessions/clubs are under the supervision of an experienced climber and some of the clubs offer free 'taster' sessions for an hour.

Mile End Climbing Wall

Mile End Climbing Wall

The Mile End Climbing Wall is maintained by the registered charity 'DEVELOPMENT through CHALLENGE' - promoting personal development through challenging physical activity, especially to the young person. By climbing at their centre, their customers help them to offer opportunities for youth groups, vulnerable young people, groups with special educational needs, and more.

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