Cycling Tours and Clubs in East London

London, the capital of England has much to offer. The bike in London is not only considered a leisure activity, but instead considered much more a very viable means of transport. Pollution free, often quicker and no costs involved in travelling. Whilst in  London is very built up, there are still suburbs that host plenty opportunities for cyclists and alsohome to most of the cycle shops in England.

Discover London on your bike. With local cycling guides you can discover family-friendly routes through parks, waterways and forests. A true cut-through is a small piece of genuinely useful cycling infrastructure that cuts time off your ride by making the route more direct. It is usually something that cars are restricted from but allows bikes to pass through. Think small gaps over pavement between two roads, alleyways, lights with a bike phase etc.  

Interlinkx CIC & Cycling Club Hackney

Interlinkx CIC & Cycling Club Hackney

CC Hackney - encouraging and developing riders from the whole community in the area. Cycling Club Hackney is dedicated to promoting cycling and cycle sport for all levels and ages. Our main club rides run every Sunday, where members and newcomers meet and socialise - check the calendar for upcoming events. We have an active youth section catering for young people between the ages 8 and 18, as well as our senior and women's representation.

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