Dennis Severs' House

Dennis Severs' House

This five-storey terraced house has been theatrically dressed to create intimate tableaux portraying domestic life in Spitalfields from the 18th century on. Intensely atmospheric with lit candles, half-eaten food and manky bed linen, it is not a museum but a stimulating “still-life drama” with no information provided and all visitors sworn to silence. Forget the camera and go with an open mind - self-guided tours take around 45 minutes.

Simon was a gifted ceramicist who reimagined 17th and 18th-century blue-and-white pottery employing traditional techniques and historical references to create something new. He met Dennis at Heaven nightclub as an 18-year-old art student in 1983 and moved in with him shortly after. Personally and creatively, Dennis and his house opened a world of possibility for Simon.

Curated by Rupert Thomas, former editor of The World of Interiors, the exhibition extends throughout the house and is the largest selection of Simon’s work ever shown publicly.

Each evening, actor Joel Saxon performs a monologue entitled ‘Simon’s Story’ which explores the intimate relationship between Simon and Dennis, edited from the words of Simon’s final partner Patrick Handscombe and directed by The Gentle Author of Spitalfields Life.


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